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Having a major success in organizing the first Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference in 2016, we are proud to bring back the most awaited international youth event of the year in Asia Pacific region in the end of this year. With the grand theme on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference 2017 offers full of inspiring talks by renowned international expert on SDGs, exciting cultural exchange sessions and a comprehensive leadership training that emphasizes on 5 APLI leadership qualities which are critical thinking, problem solving, time management skills, public speaking and negotiation skills as well as problem solving and decision making skills.


All of these activities combined will gather the most excellent 300 young professionals, activists and leaders of Asia Pacific countries, allowing delegates to have an overwhelmingly rich network of contacts around the world. In a nutshell, this conference would be the best opportunity for global youth leaders in Asia Pacific to expand their influence and provide them with a platform of collaboration in reaching their personal and professional goals to be the front-runner of sustainable development in their respective countries.


Global Leader

To equip delegates with the required skills, knowledge and experience.

To equip delegates with the required skills, knowledge and experience to be a global leader who are well-aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Leadership Training

To prepare delegates to be a great leader.

To prepare delegates to be a great leader with 5 APLI leadership qualities.

International Networks

To provide delegates with a wealth of international networks.

To provide delegates with a wealth of international networks that allows them to collaborate in creating innovative, impactful and meaningful projects related to SDGs.

Speakers From Around The World Sharing Knowledge in APFLC 2016

Speakers From Around The World Sharing Knowledge in APFLC 2016

This Year’s Prominent Speakers

Confirmed Speakers

James Poon
International Partnership Officer at Global Peace Foundation
Motivator ASEAN
Ankit Kawatra
Founder, Feeding India | United Nations Young Leader for SDGs | Queen’s Young Leader 2017 | Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-09 at 18.14.55
Sarah Chen
Venture Investor & CEO, MakingAsia | Co-Founder, Lean in Malaysia
Maurice Shawndefar
Junior Urban Specialist at UNDP
Raj Ridvan Singh
Founder & CEO at SOLS 24/7
Davina Goh
Davina Goh
Plant-Based Lifestyle Advocate

And more amazing speakers

5 Rates Exclusive Program

Agent of Sustainability Development Goals for Asia Pacific Region

The delegates will be represent as the young agent of SGD’s, a plan to shape a better future.

International conference for sustainability Develepoment (SGD's)

8 Hours Inspiring Talks, and meaningful hours conference with International speaker and the expert.

Comprehensive Leadership Training

Leadership training first in Asia For Next Future Leaders, Meet more than 4 international trainers, get the exclusive training with themes critical thinking, time management skills, public speaking, negotiating , problem solving and decision making.

Leader Group Challenge

Meet the Sustainability Development Goals Facilitators, find out a problem of SGD’s in Asia Pacific region, create a best solution, validate the solution project and project presentation.

Cultural Performance and Awarding Night

Celebrate diversities of our multi-cultural region by having electrifying cultural show that exhibits authentic traditional costumes of your nationalities. Plus, the night will be the peak of enjoyment and inspiration as we will present prestigious awards to the high-achiever delegates.


Awards Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference 2017

The Most Creative and Innovative Individual
The Best Idea for Future Strategy
The Best of Real Solution for The Future
The Best Speakers
The Best Delegates
The Best Leaders
The Best Team

How to be a Delegate


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Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference 2017